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One of the Labs for Life project activity in the 3rd phase was to develop a Centre of Excellence (CoE) to provide training on best practices in phlebotomy and equipment management. In the core committee meeting held on 3rd October 2019 under the chairmanship of Shri Sanjeeva Kumar (Special Secretary & Director General), Government Medical College (GMC) Aurangabad was selected as the site for the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Phlebotomy & Equipment Management. The CoE was inaugurated by Dr. Naresh Goel (former DDG, NACO) on 8th November, 2019. The present head of the department in Microbiology department, Dr. Jyoti Iravane, had been nominated as the nodal officer of the CoE.

The CoE is located in the department of Microbiology on the ground floor in the GMC, Aurangabad premises and it houses a classroom, two dry labs for phlebotomy and equipment management and a common area. The three-day training will consist of about 20-25 participants per batch and all the participants will visit both the dry lab for hands-on training as a part of the curriculum. The CoE is also responsible for training and certifying healthcare personnel in the identified focus areas even beyond the Labs for Life partnership.

CoE Facilities

Classroom: Audio-visual aids and the capacity to train 40 students at a time.

Phlebotomy lab: Phlebotomy chair, bar code scanner, consumables, job aids, mannequins (dummy arm for venous blood collection and dummy pelvis for urine catheterization) for demonstrating best practices on blood and urine collection.

Equipment management lab: More than 25 types of equipment from pipettes to deep freezer, hot air oven etc. The trainees will be taught the daily maintenance and calibration of these equipment and managing minor breakdowns, thereby helping them (a) ensure accuracy of results and (b) reduce the testing downtime in their institutes.

Common room: Space for the participants to have lunch during their training sessions.

The target audience for training:
  • Clinicians, lab technicians and nurses from the ART Centres and other sections of the institutes where phase 3 of the project was active till September 2021
  • Clinicians, lab technicians and nurses from other medical colleges and district hospitals after September 2021

Focus areas for training in the CoE:

Focus area 1: Equipment management & calibration

  • Requirements and implementation of ISO 17025 standards
  • How to effectively author Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) aligned with these standards
  • Quality Management System improvements such as:
    • Equipment maintenance management
    • Quality documentation systems
    • Equipment and laboratory safety practices
  • Pipette, centrifuge, temperature and electronic equipment calibration
  • Inventory management system development including:
    • Proper handling and storage of calibration and test equipment
    • Tracking and numbering system for equipment
    • Proper storage locations and conditions
    • Ideal facility requirements and design

Focus area 2: Best practices for phlebotomy

  • Requirements for improving phlebotomy and specimen collection and handling, critical to reduce
    • pre-analytical errors
    • needlestick injuries
    • transmission of blood-borne infections
    • patient inconvenience

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